The Week in Automotive: Growth in Light-vehicle Production, Exports.

Fuente: Mexico Automotive Review.

April was a good month for Mexico’s light-vehicle vehicle production and exports despite the downturn in domestic sales. Compared to the same month of 2018, Mexico’s car output increased by 2.02 percent and exports by 4.95 percent. According to Eduardo Solís, Executive President of AMIA, the country’s vehicle production and exports could increase by 3.5 percent or more by the end of the year. In terms of sales, Guillermo Rosales of AMDA highlighted that the large drop registered in April was related with Easter Week holidays, added to the ongoing sales downturn. However, heavy vehicles sales were quite successful. Data of ANPACT shows that wholesale truck and bus sales increased by 34.6 percent in the same month.

In other news, BMW is already producing cars at its San Luis Potosi plant. In April, the company produced 709 cars and the plant will be officially inaugurated next month. Audi’s Q5 hybrid will be the first premium hybrid SUV to be produced in Mexico at the company’s Puebla assembly plant and Mercedes-Benz has started production of its fully-electric SUV EQC.

Mexico’s Automotive Drive

According to AMIA, in April, Mexico’s vehicle production and exports increased by 2.02 and 4.95 percent, respectively. FCA Group achieved the largest output increase with 16.2 percent compared to April 2018.

In 2019, Mexico’s automotive production and exports could increase by 3.5 percent, according to Eduardo Solís of AMIA. AMDA underlined that the pronounced drop in light-vehicle sales of April was related with Easter Week holidays.

Sales of heavy vehicles had a great April. Wholesale numbers increased 34.6 percent in that month, according to ANPACT.

Koichi Yoda will be the new Director General of ISUZU for Mexico. He will replace Hirokazu Maruyama, who led the company for three years.

Trade Challenges and Investment Opportunities

With the goal of promoting integration and regional development in the Bajio, the governors of Queretaro, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato and San Luis Potosi will put in place a collaboration agreement. Jalisco has also joined the Bajio alliance.

Mauricio Vila, Governor of Yucatan, met with AMIA to promote the state as an advantageous destination for automotive investments.

American Industries invested around US$27 million to purchase land in order to expand its Aerotech Industrial Park in Queretaro.

According to Jesús Seade, Undersecretary for North America at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico will not support reopening USMCA negotiations.

Delays in border crossings between Mexico and the US have taken a toll on Queretaro’s automotive and aerospace industries.

New Technologies and Electrified Vehicles

BMW started production at its new assembly plant in San Luis Potosi. The factory assembled 709 vehicles in April and will be officially inaugurated on June 6.

The hybrid version of Audi Q5 will carry a “Made-in-Mexico” stamp. This vehicle will be the first premium hybrid SUV to be produced in Mexico.

Mercedes-Benz has started the production of the new premium electric SUV EQC in Bremen, Germany.

Researchers at Cornell University developed a new, low-cost method for self-driving vehicles to detect tridimensional objects using two cameras located at both sides of the windshield.

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